[TUHS] Bitsavers' RT/PC, AIX, AOS, etc. recent additions

David Arnold davida at pobox.com
Thu Feb 20 11:44:28 AEST 2020

> On 19 Feb 2020, at 00:39, Al Kossow <aek at bitsavers.org> wrote:


> I've been interested in Mach since messing with MacMach on a IIfx in the early 90's
> Has there been any collective effort trying to recover RIG/Mach code?
> It all seems very fragmented.

I went looking for some of this a few months ago, but it seemed like it wasn’t going to be a simple search.  At one time I’d played with CMU Mach, Utah Mach, OSF Mach, and Apple’s MkLinux, but it all seemed to have drifted into broken links and missing FTP servers.

Sprite, Accent, Spring, Amoeba, VSTa … a lot of the OS projects I remember from that era seem to have disappeared.  Only Plan9 seems to have really survived (not counting the Mach bits of Darwin).


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