[TUHS] keyboards and command names

Dave Horsfall dave at horsfall.org
Thu Feb 6 08:20:54 AEST 2020

On Wed, 5 Feb 2020, Harald Arnesen wrote:

> Norsk Data's OS Sintran was the same, except that "COLD-START" (reboot 
> the OS) was defined twice, so you had to spell it out in full.

CDC's KRONOS also allowed abbreviated commands; I grew quite fond of 
typing "COMMO" for "COMMON" (attach to the system's common area) and "POO" 
for "POOL" (can't remember what that does, and my books are long gone).

Cough cough...  The above sequence was how you broke into KRONOS:

     (quickly interrupt it)

Get the timing right, and you were in supervisor mode (or whatever it was 
called).  I remember when I was in the terminal room happily hacking away,
when the shift supervisor and the centre manager happened to walk in,
exclaiming "Security is pffft!".  Terrified, I casually leaned over the
Duckwriter pretending to look for something, to obscure just what I'd been 

I dimly recall that you could log off other users by (somehow) sending
a ^D to their terminal, but I could be confusing that with something
else (this was decades ago).

-- Dave

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