[TUHS] keyboards and command names

John P. Linderman jpl.jpl at gmail.com
Thu Feb 6 01:47:21 AEST 2020

I of course defer to dmr about the major influence, but I very much
appreciated the brevity when printing programs and shell scripts and lines
in ed at 110 baud, even with a terminal having a respectable keyboard.  I
printed much more than I entered.

On Wed, Feb 5, 2020 at 10:38 AM Jaap Akkerhuis <jaapna at xs4all.nl> wrote:

> > I have always suspected that the brevity of the Unix command names was
> strongly
> > influenced by the clunky keyboards on the teletypes that were being
> used.  Can
> > anyone confirm, deny, and/or comment on this?
> Peter Collinson made the same observation at the 25th year celebration
> of UNIX (USENIX, Washington) and it was confirmed by dmr.
>         jaap
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