[TUHS] pronouncing *nix formulas (was: screen editors)

arnold at skeeve.com arnold at skeeve.com
Wed Feb 5 18:45:13 AEST 2020

"G. Branden Robinson" <g.branden.robinson at gmail.com> wrote:

> At 2020-02-04T09:40:18+0100, Sijmen J. Mulder wrote:
> > markus schnalke <meillo at marmaro.de> wrote:
> > > Wikipedia writes that `ed' would be pronounced ``ee-dee'' (like
> > > ``vee-eye''), is that what you english speakers do?
> Certainly not.  When one sees a command name that duplicates a
> frequently-used diminituve of a common name, the brain is going to
> select that preferentially.

ISTR thinking of it and calling it e-d, along with r-m, l-n, m-v and
the other two-letter commands.

> (And did people really say "dee-eye-tee-roff" for "ditroff"?)

I did ... Although it's "groff" and not "g-roff". :-)



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