[TUHS] OpenSolaris Git ?

Hans Rosenfeld rosenfeld at grumpf.hope-2000.org
Fri Sep 20 20:20:11 AEST 2019

On Fri, Sep 20, 2019 at 11:59:31AM +0300, Alexander Voropay wrote:
> Is there a public OpenSolaris Git/CVS/SVN ?
> The  openloaris.org  site is down.
> AFIK the first sources set (not complete) was published around June 2005.
> The latest available sources were b135 March 2010
> (available at TUHS)
> https://www.tuhs.org/cgi-bin/utree.pl?file=OpenSolaris_b135
> It would be interesting to see an evolution of "pure" SysV R4.

The illumos project and the various distributions based on it continue
the development of what once was OpenSolaris.



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