Eric Allman tuhs at eric.allman.name
Wed Sep 18 18:48:26 AEST 2019

On 2019-09-16 19:23 , Steffen Nurpmeso wrote:
> One thing he says, and which is an interesting part of this
> thread, is
>   The statement of Eric Allman that Tichy used SCCS version
>   1 i cannot believe, because Tichy's releases are from 1982, and
>   SCCS version 4 was released as earyl as February 1977.  SCCS
>   version 3 used a binary history format, by the way.
> That should have addressed Eric Allman, but the longer i use email
> in the public space the more i like that pub-like feeling.  (And
> not going to add that it reminds me of my childhood, where i was
> a boy under elder seasoned men _also_.)

I did not claim that Tichy used SCCS v1.  It's worse than that.  He only
read the IEEE paper, which pre-dated RCS --- so far as I know he never
even tried SCCS release 4 (current at the time Tichy published), which
fixed the obvious problem in the release 1 design as originally
published.  Despite careful descriptions of the changes, he refused to
stop slandering SCCS.  He was truly standing on toes, not shoulders.


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