[TUHS] cathode

Angelo Papenhoff aap at papnet.eu
Wed Sep 18 18:31:33 AEST 2019

On 18/09/19, William Corcoran wrote:
> Hello TUHS on Tues.,
> Warren Toomey suggested I let the group know about a utility that exists at least for iMacs and IOS devices.  
> It’s called “cathode” and you can find it on the Apple App Store.   Please forgive me if this has already been mentioned. 
> This utility provides for an xterm window that looks like the display an old *tube.   You can set the curvature of the glass, the glow, various scan techniques, 9600 speed, and so on.   

For the non-OS Xers there's cool-retro-term:

Personally I think it could look more realistic. Looks like they went
for more of a movie-terminal look, but it's not easy to emulate a CRT

And I agree with Lars, I want cool-retro-asr33 (or 37)


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