[TUHS] A Couple of New Unix Artifacts

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Tue Sep 17 19:58:51 AEST 2019

Agreed. And of course you have completely caught my attention about this...

Cordiales saludos / Kind Regards.

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El mar., 17 sept. 2019 a las 11:55, Warren Toomey (<wkt at tuhs.org>) escribió:

> I fear we're drifting a bit here and the S/N ratio is dropping a bit w.r.t
> the actual history of Unix. Please no more on the relative merits of
> version control systems or alternative text processing systems.
> So I'll try to distract you by saying this. I'm sitting on two artifacts
> that have recently been given to me:
>  + by two large organisations
>  + of great significance to Unix history
>  + who want me to keep "mum" about them
>  + as they are going to make announcements about them soon *
> and I am going slowly crazy as I wait for them to be offically released.
> Now you have a new topic to talk about :-)
> Cheers, Warren
> * for some definition of "soon"
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