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> I've been wondering whether it is possible and worthwhile to use *roff
> for complex technical documentation.  I've always loved the aesthetic
> that books produced using *roff have but there are other reasons too.
Ditto.  The books that used roff can look clean and within a series are
usually consistent, but what I've like is that they are different.
The Prentiss-Hall series and the ORA books both were produced using troff
and different versions of ms, but the results are different.

One of my complained with LaTex books is they all seem to look the same.

> Getting back to *roff, does anybody know if there is a (hopefully rich)
> repository of macros, or any other resources, for my use case?
I've never seen one.   As far as I knew it, publishers sometimes seeded
authors.  ORA used the Masscomp/Tektronix derived version of ms (-mS) that
Steve Talbot created (and Rick LeFaivre originally created from the
original Lesk V7 set).   Rich Steven's has his own additions to the version
of ms that came with groff which I have also seen.
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