[TUHS] earliest Unix roff

Warren Toomey wkt at tuhs.org
Sat Sep 14 12:44:33 AEST 2019

On Fri, Sep 13, 2019 at 07:02:40PM -0700, Larry McVoy wrote:
> Roff has some pretty sophisticated stuff (environments come to mind) that
> I think 99.9% of the CS world doesn't understand (sort of like my rant
> on SCCS, most people didn't look hard enough to get it.  I'm not sure
> that I get roff environments to this day but I kinda do).
> I'd love to see the docs on that early stuff and see if Joe Ossanna
> added in his own magic or was he carrying forward earlier magic.

Here's a good page on the history:
> P.S.  I love this list for this stuff, I'm an old retired guy that 
> wishes he could have helped birth Unix.  Hanging out with the people
> who were there is super fun.

Hell yeah to both!

Cheers, Warren

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