Larry McVoy lm at mcvoy.com
Sat Sep 14 11:55:17 AEST 2019

On Sat, Sep 14, 2019 at 01:03:12AM +0200, Steffen Nurpmeso wrote:
> He is as convinced from SCCS and its interleaved deltas as you
> are, but he works on extending the plain original SCCS, which is
> pretty smaller; his presentation from the "Chemnitzer Linux Tage
> 2012" (linux days of former Karl-Marx-Stadt) [1] talks about this
> and also prominently mentions BitKeeper:
>   . All modern distributed OSS version control systems base upon
>     BitKeeper in the end.

Sort of.  Monotone, Darcs, and one other one I can't remember did not
draw from BitKeeper.  Mercurial, Git, and the Australian one that I
can't remember definitely do.

>   . BitKeeper bases upon the ideas of TeamWare.

Only in that I am the primary author of both.  It does support the idea
that SCCS is the basis for both, though Teamware used the real SCCS and
I rewrote SCCS from scratch and then extended it quite a bit.  BitKeeper's
SCCS tracks a lot more than SCCS does, pathnames, permissions, hostnames,

>   . TeamWare bases upon the ideas of NSE.

That's absolutely false.  TeamWare, which is the productized version
of NSElite, which I wrote all of, was a reaction to how absolute shiite
NSE was.  I had friends in the Sun kernel group that quit because they
were forced to use NSE.  It was awful.  I got into source management 
because I was well known at Sun as the guy that could fix performance
problems so I was asked to look at NSE.  One look told me that I couldn't
fix NSE but the source management problem space needed some help.

>   . NSE is a frontend to SCCS.

That's true.

>   . Therewith all modern systems ultimately base upon SCCS.

That is a big stretch, it's just not true.  I love the SCCS file 
format but to say all modern systems are based on SCCS is 100%
false.  BitKeeper is.  That's it.

>   . Distributed operate TeamWare, BitKeeper, git, Mercurial.

Git and Mercurial were going for append only data structures. 
That's not SCCS.

All this comes from Jorg, isn't he the guy who has a track record of
being on the outside of Sun and trying to argue with me about what Sun
was doing when I was a well known guy in the most important group at Sun,
the kernel group.  If so, I'd salt his stuff heavily.

I think he means well but is a little out there.  Though some people
might say the same about me.


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