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 |>|On 2019-09-12 19:29, Clem Cole wrote:
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 |>|>     ??At thispoint I'm using git because, well, all the cool kids are
 |>|>     doing it, and
 |>|>     since I work at the university I have to go with the flow sometimes\
 |>|>     .
 |>|>     And git has some nice properties.?? On the other hand, I have \
 |>|>     shot myself
 |>|>     in the foot with git more times than the sum of all other screwups \
 |>|>     \
 |>|>     with
 |>|>     all other source management systems combined.
 |>|>     eric
 |>|> +1??
 |>|I have this one on the waqll in the office:
 |> I for one am so happy to have git that i cannot tell you how much
 |> that is.  I have used rcs, cvs, subversion, back to cvs,
 |> All of it has been a pain here or there.  Yes, the weave.  Schily
 |> wants to provide real changeset support for sccs (tagging is real
 |> problem), i think.  
 |I don't know why, BitKeeper does that and is open source under 
 |a liberal license (Apache v2).

Diversity is something good i would say.  With the constraint that
it is real diversity, as nature produces, not as in modern times
where the supermarket has two dozen sorts of margarine, and in the
end it comes from Kraft or Nestle, which bought together
a sortiment, and that is basically it, which (i bore you) has to
result in save effects which dilutes recipes or ingredients.  (I
am the happy eater of Alsan-S, and are paying not getting paid for
it.  But that is ok.)  So in fact this diversity rather is
BitKeeper and Sun SCCS only.  Yet two hears are better than one,
sang Frank Sinatra.

He is as convinced from SCCS and its interleaved deltas as you
are, but he works on extending the plain original SCCS, which is
pretty smaller; his presentation from the "Chemnitzer Linux Tage
2012" (linux days of former Karl-Marx-Stadt) [1] talks about this
and also prominently mentions BitKeeper:

  . All modern distributed OSS version control systems base upon
    BitKeeper in the end.
  . BitKeeper bases upon the ideas of TeamWare.
  . TeamWare bases upon the ideas of NSE.
  . NSE is a frontend to SCCS.
  . Therewith all modern systems ultimately base upon SCCS.
  . Distributed operate TeamWare, BitKeeper, git, Mercurial.

This logic convinces me.  First, we take Manhattan, then we take
Berlin.  His SCCS is not a competitor to the BitKeeper suite, of
course.  But it roots in the original Sun code, just as Heirloom

  [1] http://sccs.sourceforge.net/SCCS-Chemnitz-2012.pdf

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