[TUHS] IBM Unix source licenses [was Re: PWB vs Unix/TS

Charles H Sauer sauer at technologists.com
Fri Sep 13 07:29:34 AEST 2019

On 9/12/2019 2:31 PM, Kevin Bowling wrote:
> Charlie, there is some interesting history of the pre-RS/6000 AIX
> stuff here (you give a quote :)).  Particularly page 41 gives a
> chronology of UNIX at IBM:
> https://amaus.net/static/S100/IBM/RTPC/AIX%20Family%20Definition%201989.pdf

I wasn't aware of this doc or this site. Thanks.

Just glancing at the doc, I find lots of things to question, but won't 
do so, at least not now.

They're quoting Larry Loucks, while attributing the VRM to him and me, 
which was revisionist at the time vs. all the others deserving of that 
attribution. I'm surprised I was referenced at all in a 1989 publication 
-- I was mostly purged from AIX literature in process after I left for 
Dell 5/2/89. Also ironic that they emphasized Larry. He deserved the 
credit, but had been coerced to leave AIX to work on OS/2.

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