[TUHS] IBM Unix source licenses [was Re: PWB vs Unix/TS

Charles H Sauer sauer at technologists.com
Thu Sep 12 02:55:00 AEST 2019

On 9/11/2019 10:36 AM, Clem Cole wrote:
> OSF would eventually use the IBM SVR3 license as its base [which 
> makes me believe IBM must have had a V7 redistribution license too.  
> Somebody like Charlie Saurer might know].  Anyway, IBM, DEC and HP all 
> shipped OSF 'licensed' systems although only DEC would switch to an 
> OSF/1 based kernel.


idk. As far as I know, IBM Austin did not get source licenses until 
System V. Before Clay Cipione became the AIX development manager in the 
AFWS -> RT transition, Austin did not have source licenses, as far as I 
know. Clay insisted that we have source.

It is plausible that Don Rozenberg had V7 license at Yorktown and/or 
ACIS had V7 license for BSD stuff.

I'm blind copying Clay and another AIX alumnus that might know for sure.

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