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El jue., 31 oct. 2019 a las 4:57, Tom Lyon (<pugs at ieee.org>) escribió:

> Hi, folks. Tom Lyon here - this UNIX 370 stuff was recovered by Stephen at
> LCM+L from DECtapes that I've had sitting around for 40+ years.
> You can read all about the Princeton/Amdahl project here:
> https://akapugs.blog/2018/05/12/370unixpart1/


> If anyone wants to get serious with the code, you'll need Hercules with a
> VM/370 image as well as a PDP-11 emulator running V6. There's not a lot
> beyond the kernel, I got the shell working enough to prove that fork
> worked, and then ran out of steam because of the awful communication
> problems between the PDP and the IBM.  [ But that was my start as a
> networking guy ]. I personally haven't had time to do anything with the
> recovered bits.

Both items are available. Hoping it could be helpful, I share below some
links to related IBM 370 and DEC PDP-11 stuff that I've recently found and
more or less organized:


The Hercules System/370, ESA/390, and z/Architecture Emulator -

SoftDevLabs (SDL) version of Hercules 4.x, code named Hyperion -

*A branch of the original development of Hercules numbered itself as v.4
with more or less regular compilations *

Robert O'Hara Six Pack Distribution v1.2 of VM/370 -

*Very interesting because he includes in the same webpage downloads of the
previous VM/370 packs (Paul Gorinskey's, Andy Norrie's, Bob Abele's)*

*There is a BETA version v1.3 available too.*

Implementing VSAM under VM/370 SixPack v1.2 -

A compilation of Operating Systems for IBM S/370 available for download on
the Internet - https://geronimo370.nl/s370/s-370-operating-systems/<<

*It includes one direct link to the page of Robert O'Hara SixPack BETA
version v1.3 *

A relatively wide explanation of the features available in SixPack v1.2 -

*It includes something inusual: one link to Github where you can find one
DOCKER implementation of theSixPack v1.2 *

A surprising (and interesting) bunch of videoclips about VM/370 -

SIMH (Conputer History Sinulator Project). The original distribution, V3.10-0,
updated 24-Feb-2019  - http://simh.trailing-edge.com/
SIMH Original Software Kits (including bootable UNIX v7 and v6 disks) -

The SIMH v.4.x Github place, a branch of the original project with some
interesting additions - https://github.com/simh/simh
SIMH v4.0 development binaries -

Kind Regards

Sergio Pedraja
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