[TUHS] File system salvager, "salv"

Lars Brinkhoff lars at nocrew.org
Fri Oct 18 17:40:36 AEST 2019

Warren Toomey wrote:
> 11-56-91.pdf	user-mode programs: pd, psych, rm, rn, roff, salv, sh

My attention is drawn to "salv".

Clem Cole wrote in 2016:

> The original FS tools for UNIX icheck/dcheck/ncheck were very crude.
> TSS and MTS (used a similar/same FS format) and and had a similar
> program in the key of fsck that Ted was familiar (as did a number of
> DEC systems for that matter).  Ted wrote the original version of
> premordial fsck for v6 at UMich (maybe v5 - Joy probably would know
> what the version of UNIX was there then).  Ted took "pre-fsck" to Bell
> Lab the summer between Mich and CMU. [...]


There are these V2 and V3 man pages.

I see a V3 man page for dcheck, but nothing for icheck until V6.

So it appears before fsck, and before icheck etc, there was salv, the
file system salvager tool.  Some quick searching reveals that CTSS,
Multics, and ITS all also used the term salv and/or salvager for the
corresponding program, so there's ample precedent.

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