[TUHS] What was your "Aha, Unix!" moment?

Warren Toomey wkt at tuhs.org
Tue Oct 15 08:22:43 AEST 2019

On Mon, Oct 14, 2019 at 05:10:31PM -0400, Jim Geist wrote:
>    I mentioned earlier in this thread that my first exposure to Unix was
>    on our school's VAX many years ago. Today someone from school gifted me
>    an original copy of the VAX 4.2BSD Unix User's Manual, complete with a
>    B&W drawing of the daemon on the cover.
>    I didn't know that John Lasseter of Pixar fame was responsible for that
>    logo.

I donated this image to Kirk from my set a while back:

Cheers, Warren

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