[TUHS] God vs god (was Upper/Lower at DEC)

Steve Johnson scj at yaccman.com
Mon Oct 14 08:17:46 AEST 2019

There is a story (or perhaps an urban legend) that mainframe computers
used all upper case, in spite of research showing lower case was
easier to read, because some executive said "But with all lower case,
we can't spell God's name right".  Anybody able to put some reality
behind that? 


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 Arthur Krewat wrote:
 > While BAH was more involved in PDP-10 stuff, I wonder what her take
 > on this.

 I don't think there ever was a lower case "pdp10" on the machines.
 From what I see, it was "PDP-10", "decsystem10", "DECSYSTEM 20",
 or "DECSYSTEM 2020".

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