[TUHS] Recovered /etc/passwd files

Finn O'Leary finnoleary at inventati.org
Sat Oct 12 09:46:48 AEST 2019

(my apologies, I sent this the other day assuming it would
  be sent to the list, but instead it got sent directly to
  rob pike! oops!)

I agree, but I do believe that the time itself is a mitigating

To me this is much more akin to replicating a key for a lock
that is no longer used, than anything else. It really doesn't
serve much more purpose than pure curiosity and is of historical
interest at best.

On a (slightly?) related note, it's very, very surprising to me
that this has hit news outlets. I never considered that this
would get much more than a handful of replies, let alone this
much interest.

- Finn
"Enough too is much not!"

On 2019-10-09 19:59, Rob Pike wrote:
> I coulda told you that. One tends to learn passwords (inadvertently)
> when they're short and typed nearby often enough. (Sorry, ken.)
> If I remember right, the first half of this password was on a t-shirt
> commemorating Belle's first half-move, although its notation may have
> been different.
> Interesting though it is, though, I find this hacking distasteful. It
> was distasteful back when, and it still is. The attitudes around
> hackery have changed; the position nowadays seems to be that the bad
> guys are doing it so the good guys should be rewarded for doing it
> first. That's disingenuous at best, and dangerous at worst.
> -rob

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