[TUHS] Old Unix and DWB manuals seeking scanning and a permanent home

Rich Kulawiec rsk at gsp.org
Fri Oct 11 03:36:46 AEST 2019

I've lugged these around for 35-ish years.  I'd like to seem them 
scanned and stored someplace as permanent as can be found, so if
someone/anyone could tell me how to facilitate that, I'll package
them for shipping.

My apologies if this has already been done and I'm simply not aware of it.

I have other stuff that probably needs the same treatment, but
excavating the alluvial layers that have accumulated will take time.

Single small-format red binder:

	Unix System User Reference Manual - AT&T Bell Labs
	Unix System Release 2.0
	including Division 452 standard and local commands 
	October 1985

Set of four small format gray binders:

	Documenter's Workbench 1.0, April 1984
	1. Introduction and Reference Manual, 307-150, issue 2
	2. Text Formatter Reference, 307-151, issue 2
	3. Macro Package Reference, 307-152 issue 2
	4. Preprocessor Reference, 307-153, issue 2

Set of two slip-cased small format maroon/gray binders:

	Unix System V Documenters Workbench Release 2.0
	1. Technical Discusion and Reference 310-005, issue 1
	2. Product Overview 999-805-007IS, User Guide 999-805-006IS,
	Reference Card 999-805-008IS, issue 1


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