[TUHS] History talk in Dallas Texas October 10

reed at reedmedia.net reed at reedmedia.net
Wed Oct 9 23:30:22 AEST 2019

On Wed, 2 Oct 2019, reed at reedmedia.net wrote:

> Does anyone have scanned copies of early Lions commentary? (Not the 2000 
> printing, unless it looks identical, please let me know.)

I got copied of the cover and front page off-list. Thank you!

> I will try to share my slides to this list by end of this week. (I did 
> look at an early draft of Warner's slides, but didn't look at his final 
> slides nor watch his presentation yet. My presentation is from scratch 
> for now.)

I have a rough draft of around 63 slides. I have a maybe around 10 more 
to add. It is too much content for an hour. Temporarily they are at
pdf is 63 slides at ~5MB
(please don't distribute as I didn't yet cite sources in it nor have 
re-use statements for some images I borrowed.)
J.tex is the source for the pdf.
The real source is the notes in the .data file there. (It is a mess.)
I plan to add a few photos of the earliest participants (as named in 
the research edition manuals.)
I will add a few pages about Berkeley Unix up to 3BSD. (Later will do 
one hour talk just on BSD.)

Few questions:

If using a 4.5 inch diameter roll of paper for the TTY, how did you cut 
the paper into 11 inch pages? Or did you just let it roll up?

Anyone have a pointer to the photo of a Graphic Systems (GSI) 
phototypesetter (1973)? (for troff v3 slide)

Was patent department that first used Unix on PDP-11 and roff (~1971)
same department that would later handle Unix licensing two years later? 

Anyone have a pointer to a picture of GE 635 or 645 system? (for multics 

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