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Did you get my "off list" email about the books? 



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Subject: [TUHS] Old Unix books 

I’ve got a few books I’ve just pulled off the shelf and no longer want/need. 
I’m hoping someone will give them a good home. 

UNIX System Labs Inc UNIX(r) System V Release 4 
Programmers Guide: System Services and Application Packaging Tools 
Device Driver Interface/Driver-Kernel Interface (DDI/DKI) Reference Manual (2 copies) 

AT&T 3B2/3B5/3B15 Computers Assembly Programming Manual 

Sun Microsystems Inc (Sun Technical Reports) 
The UNIX System - 1985 
Sun 3 Architecture - 1986 

I’m willing to split postage on mailing them wherever. If you are local (San Diego) 
I’m willing to meet you wherever for an exchange and a coffee. 

(Also posted on the cctalk mailing list) 

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