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Tue Oct 8 03:26:49 AEST 2019

U'll Be King of the Stars writes:

> On 04/10/2019 15:57, aksr wrote:
> [1] LaTeX is excellent compared to Markdown.  You can build a career
> on top of it but not on top of Markdown.  I don't even consider MD a
> proper markup format, aside from the simplest cases such as writing
> introductory README.md files.  The only thing that La/TeX and MD have
> in common for me is that they are both intolerable without Emacs modes
> (AUCTeX and markdown-down.el).

[With sincere apologies for taking this slightly more off-topic, but
still within the realm of the vaguely UNIX-y...]

This is one of the reasons I live in Emacs, too. I make extensive use of
org-mode, not only for organizing my life, but also for generating
documentation. Org-mode has extensive native support for LaTeX markup,
and exporting marked-up documents to PDF via LaTeX. Additionally, of
course, it can export to HTML and even Markdown if you like. But the
LaTeX support makes it killer.

In fact, veering back on-topic, there is even a mode to export Org-mode
files to Groff Memorandum Macros documents[1]! It's a pretty powerful


[1] https://orgmode.org/worg/exporters/ox-groff.html
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