[TUHS] eqn

Fabio Scotoni fabio at esse.ch
Sat Oct 5 05:25:13 AEST 2019

On 10/4/19 6:20 AM, Larry McVoy wrote:
> So my kid is using LaTex and I'd like to show him what troff can do.
> For the record, back when he was born, 20 years ago, I was program
> chair for Linux Expo (which sounds like a big deal but all it meant
> was I had the job of formatting the proceedings).  LaTex was a big
> deal but I pushed people towards troff and the few people that took
> the push came back and said "holy crap is this easy".
> My kid is a math guy, does anyone have some eqn input and output 
> that they can share?

I've got no such thing that I still have available to myself,
but perhaps "A System for Typesetting Mathematics" in the 7th Edition
manual volume 2A would be something of relevance?
It's both an introduction to eqn(1) and shows off what it can do.


^ seemingly updated version, found dvia Schaffter's mom macro documentation

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