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Sat Oct 5 03:43:00 AEST 2019

Jon Forrest wrote in <389f5a69-e103-7ec3-9b95-3e6e294a86e6 at gmail.com>:
 |One slightly OT fact about TeX. On my 16GB, Core i7, SATA SSD
 |Lenovo T430s laptop running Fedora 30, it takes ~3 seconds to run TeX on
 |the ~900 page TeXBook. That's pretty fast. TeX contains all kinds of
 |code to make it fit in the constraints of a 1980s computer. I wonder
 |whether a redesign for a 2020 computer would be faster or slower.

It made a really huge difference whether you base upon the plain
TeX macros, maybe with epsf.tex for embedding .eps files, and
colordvi.tex for colors in slides, index and bibliography reviews
etc., or whether you use the huge LaTeX macros.  Also lazy loading
fonts added upon that, i finally added that and it saved a 1-2
second hang upon program startup (plain tex plus ~250kb single
file macro, plus the mentioned included) for each and every letter
that was sent out.

  % 00-05-31: new scheme to avoid waste. now a font is init only if it's used.
  % 2Compare (Cyrix 166+, 49MB, Linux 2.2.13-12, X 3.3.5):
  % | OLD                               | NEW                                   |
  % |-----------------------------------|---------------------------------------|
  % | 1178 strings out of 13013         | 1413 strings out of 13013             |
  % | 13106 string characters of 122154 | 17026 string characters of 122154     |
  % | 35574 words of memory of 263001   | 54220 words of memory of 263001       |
  % | 2086 multiletter of 10000+0       | 2321 multiletter of 10000+0           |
  % | 80647 font info for 276 fonts     | 20674 words of font info for 70 fonts |
  %   (out of 400000 for 1000)

 |I suspect, but can't prove, that classic [nt]roff might also
 |benefit in the same way. groff was written latter, so it might
 |suffer less.
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