[TUHS] Recovered /etc/passwd files

WIlliam Cheswick ches at cheswick.com
Fri Oct 4 10:59:32 AEST 2019

I did extensive password checking in 112 at one point.  I saved almost none
Of the original passed files, but I do have /etc/passwd from:

arachne		caspian		cl44		fiji		mhmips		ore		ruble		tempo-hadrian
banc		cd		cl45		irisa		mht40-3		peso		sidewise	vector
bill		cdrom		coorong		irisb		mht40-3-mhbb	quark		subtillion	yankee
bloom		celerity	deneb		jazz		mhuxw		rgbvax		sun1c		zeno
bruce		chaos		dixie		lucian		none		rial		sunshine

This list includes 1033 different user names.  

Most do not have the pw field:

bruce:jpl:2v/xj5FQ.kqVY:4129:4129:John P. Linderman,MH 3D-435,6427 (gc,exp.6/1990):/tmp:/bin/ksh
tempo-hadrian:jpl:BQl9MmYhh.8oE:358:358:John P. Linderman:/usr/jpl:/bin/ksh
tempo-hadrian:jpl:sorry:358:358:John P. Linderman,3D-435,6427,4641129,11384:/usr/jpl:/bin/true
vector:jpl:2v/xj5FQ.kqVY:4129:4129:John P. Linderman,(gc)3D-435,6427,4641129:/tmp:/bin/ksh

Here’s one hash from a famous person.  I believe GPUs can now test over 8 billion tries in a second.


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