[TUHS] understand earliest hardware?

Noel Chiappa jnc at mercury.lcs.mit.edu
Tue Oct 1 12:29:38 AEST 2019

    > From: Jeremy C. Reed

    > "PDP-11 that had PDP-10 memory management, KS-1."  ... What is this
    > PDP-11 and KS-1?  Maybe this is the PDP-11/20 with KS-11?

Yes. The reference to "PDP-10 memory management" is because apparently the
KS11 did what the PDP-10 MMU did, i.e. divide the address space into two
sections. (On the -10, one was for code, and one for data.)

Alas, next to nothing is known of the KS11, although I've looked. There's a
mention of it in "Odd Comments and Strange Doings in Unix":


but it doesn't say much.


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