[TUHS] another conversion of the CSRG BSD SCCS archives to Git

Steffen Nurpmeso steffen at sdaoden.eu
Sat Nov 30 07:52:58 AEST 2019

Greg A. Woods wrote in <m1iVoBV-0036tPC at more.local>:
 |I've been fixing and enhancing James Youngman's git-sccsimport to use
 |with some of my SCCS archives, and I thought it might be the ultimate
 |stress test of it to convert the CSRG BSD SCCS archives.
 |The conversion takes about an hour to run on my old-ish Dell server.
 |This conversion is unlike others -- there is some mechanical compression
 |of related deltas into a single Git commit.

Thanks for taking the time to produce a CSRG repo that seems to
mimic changesets as they really happened.  As i never made it
there on my own, i have switched to yours some weeks ago.  (Mind
you, after doing "gc --aggressive --prune=all" the repository size
has more than halved, it was the final reason to prepare new
repositories on a vhost with good internet connection before
getting this through my flaky wifi here.  Storage and internet
bandwidth and their cost really do not seem to bother anyone
anymore.  I have no offense in mind, i only recognized it (the
hard way).)

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