[TUHS] Steve Bellovin recounts the history of USENET

Jason Stevens jsteve at superglobalmegacorp.com
Thu Nov 21 23:31:24 AEST 2019

Oh sure I forgot to add them to my reply 


I keep a backup of them there.  The original site is gone. I think archive.org should have it too as utzoo. 

They are a must have for any amateur historian. It was so awesome pulling out the 4.2bsd nic driver for simh.  And an incredible resource for seeing how the ancients dealt with things. 

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On Thu, Nov 21, 2019 at 9:23 PM +0800, <arnold at skeeve.com> wrote:

Jason Stevens  wrote:

> I keep a copy of the utzoo files. 

Any chance of getting them to Warren for storage? Or are they
generally available somewhere?



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