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> I remember a story I heard second hand.   The Bell System had so many acronyms that they published  yearly a small book with all the acronyms in the Bell System.   Somebody (Ken?, Doug?) got a call one year that they wanted to include UNIX in the book, so would we please tell them what UNIX stood for.   The reply was that UNIX was not an acronym.  So the caller said: "OK.  We won't put it in the book..."
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> In fact ATT legal had a document they sent to all commercial licensees around 1980 on proper use of the name.  I wonder if I still have/can find a copy.  But the lawyers were pretty clear. It was UNIX with ™ and later the R with a circle around beside the all caps letters after they registered it.  
I was not just commercial licensees.  I remember seeing a copy of that letter.  We were a Scottish University who had a legit tape sent from AT&T/Bell Labs for academic use.
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