[TUHS] Amdahl UTS, AIX/370, AIX/ESA

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Wed Nov 6 05:28:00 AEST 2019

Uh... "veras algo" means "years ago". My apologies.

El mar., 5 nov. 2019 20:26, SPC <spedraja at gmail.com> escribió:

> El mar., 5 nov. 2019 20:12, Kevin Bowling <kevin.bowling at kev009.com>
> escribió:
>> It was used in academia although it did appear elsewhere for instance in
>> some PLC applications, for a long while some supertankers were running
>> PS/2s with Optio22 I/O boards to control pumps and whatnot.
> It's available as diskette images on Internet from veras algo. But it can
> be installed and run mostly for cause of the advance in the virtualization
> applications, together with some specific efforts of investigation and
> testing.
> And yes, we used SCO for our PS/2 servers running Unix or Unix-like. No
> discussion, at least until some years after when I installed one RS/6000
> server with AIX 3.2
> Regards
> Sergio
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