[TUHS] Reconstructed and newly set UNIX Manual

Angelo Papenhoff aap at papnet.eu
Mon Oct 29 08:57:09 AEST 2018

V2 is reconstructed now.

So I noticed that V1-V3 all really used roff. Previously I thought that
V2 and V3 used nroff. I fixed my pipeline a bit, also for troff.

All V2-V6 can be found here in new versions:
http://squoze.net/UNIX/v2man/	http://squoze.net/UNIX/v2man.tgz
http://squoze.net/UNIX/v3man/	http://squoze.net/UNIX/v3man.tgz
http://squoze.net/UNIX/v4man/	http://squoze.net/UNIX/v4man.tgz
http://squoze.net/UNIX/v5man/	http://squoze.net/UNIX/v5man.tgz
http://squoze.net/UNIX/v6man/	http://squoze.net/UNIX/v6man.tgz
V2 and V3 are html only but include the intro pages now,
they're also paginated.
V4-V6 are pretty much the same as before, maybe little changes due to
fixes in the pipeline.

nroff(I) is missing
some teletype specific things, like overstruck characters, but see
github for a list.


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