[TUHS] Reconstructed and newly set UNIX Manual

Angelo Papenhoff aap at papnet.eu
Sat Oct 27 05:46:36 AEST 2018

The last couple of days I worked on re-setting the V3-V6 manuals.
I reconstructed V5 from the scan as best I could, unfortunately some
pages were missing.
You can find everything I used to do this here,
please read the BUGS section:

The results can be found here, as HTML and PDF:

Reconstructing V1 and V2 n?roff source and converting the tty 37 output
to ps is something I want to do too, but for now this was exhausting

Now for the questions that I arose while I was doing this:
Are there scans of the V4 and V6 manual to check my pdfs against?
Where does the V5 manual come from? As explained in the README,
some pages are missing and some pages seem to be earlier than V4.
Is there another V5 manual that one could check against?
Why is lc (the LIL compiler) not in the TOC but has a page?

And most importantly: is the old troff really lost?
I would love to set the manual on the original systems
at some point (and write a CAT -> ps converter, which should be fun).
Doing all this work made me wish we still had earlier versions
of UNIX and its tools around.

Have fun with this!


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