[TUHS] System III on 11/34 + rl02

Noel Chiappa jnc at mercury.lcs.mit.edu
Thu Oct 25 20:56:47 AEST 2018

    > From: Jacob Ritorto

    > If this is true, I wonder why the install only offers rl01?

Where does it say this? (I didn't search for that.)

    > I'm totally in the market for an Able Enable board too! Out of
    > zcuriosity, is it totally out of the question to just find the prints
    > and do a production run?

Rotsa ruck! They're down the same mine as Jimmy Hoffa!! :-)

But seriously, if you could find them, that would be fantastic. I've managed
to collect (thanks Clem!) a tiny bit of info about them:


and I _think_ I've worked out how they worked, but more is better. We had a
set of the prints at MIT BITD, but we didn't have the PROM/PLA/PAL/etc
programming info, and one would need that too to reproduce them.

    > I sure hope there's a pdp11 sdcard / usb disk solution someday like they
    > did for the Commodore 64

So Dave Bridgham and I have been working on a QBUS card with an FPGA that uses
an SD card to hold the bits, and emulates an RK11/RP11/etc controller. We have
a wire-wrap prototype working (the RK11's done, the RP11 should be a short
edit of that), and UNIX boots and runs. Now to turn it into PCB's...

We've planned that the next step will be to do a UNIBUS version, which will
also include ENABLE functionality (although it won't be plug compatible with
an ENABLE, the memory will be on-board).

Now to find the time/energy to make it happen... :-(


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