[TUHS] Software Archeology: QED

arnold at skeeve.com arnold at skeeve.com
Mon Oct 8 00:11:37 AEST 2018

Donald ODona <mutiny.mutiny at india.com> wrote:

> At 7 Oct 2018 06:08:57 +0000 (+00:00) from arnold at skeeve.com:
> > I have contacted Rob Pike and got one tarball from him. I have another
> > tarball that I got sometime in 1987 and have a promise of code coming
> > Donald Mitchell.
> there is already a git repo at https://github.com/chneukirchen/qed-caltech

Thanks, I'll take a look at that too.

> Then se, a very ed like screen editor:
> http://se-editor.org/
> https://github.com/screen-editor/se

I'm quite familiar with this. I'm the one who posted the original C version
of se to comp.sources.unix > 30 years ago.  :-)

It's quite ironic. To get se going on Unix I had to learn vi. Then
vi became hardwired into my finger ROMs such that I didn't feel like
going back to using se.

se is derived from the Software Tools Ratfor editor, so it's an ed
clone, not based on Unix ed code.


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