[TUHS] man-page style

Donald ODona mutiny.mutiny at india.com
Mon Nov 19 23:20:57 AEST 2018

At 19 Nov 2018 03:11:00 +0000 (+00:00) from Chet Ramey <chet.ramey at case.edu>:
> The man page for bash includes everything. The info manual includes more
> examples. I think other authors should follow that model, but I'm not going
> to tell a volunteer what he has to do, and I understand how difficult it is
> to maintain parallel content.

'info' is technologically spoken 'superior'. However replacing 'info' by html, what someone recommended for 'emacs'(sic!), is even more superior.

However superior isn't really of great importance. nroff is good enough, its used by millions of *NIX users since more than 40 years, whereas 'info' is only used by a small sect.
Hence, I recommend to stop using 'info' at all, avoiding the maintenance of parallel and unused contents.

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