[TUHS] man-page style

Lars Brinkhoff lars at nocrew.org
Sat Nov 17 17:50:16 AEST 2018

Jon Steinhart wrote:
> Emacs sort of violates my UNIX-sense as it does many things instead of
> doing one thing well.

It probably should!  Emacs is very much divorced from the Unix
philosopy.  However, it's perfectly in synch with how things are done in
ITS.  I'd like to argue that if you use Emacs, you're actually using a
piece of ITS.

Clem Cole:
> Exactly -- the idea is emacs is its own 'system' and you need to view
> the world through it.

Yes, much like a Lisp machine.  Stallman worked on ITS and Lisp machines
before developing GNU Emacs (from Gosling's version), and it clearly

I happen to like ITS and Lisp, so Emacs is a perfect fit for me.

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