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Mary Ann Horton mah at mhorton.net
Fri Nov 9 02:55:57 AEST 2018

I recall at Berkeley on the VAX we had a /crp filesystem, and it was for 
"crap" we didn't want to delete but wasn't very important.  I didn't 
realize it was inspired by Research.

At some point someone decided it would be nicer to rename it /arch as an 

I still have a /arch on my personal machine, for stuff that's large and 
(almost) never changes, so it doesn't need to be backed up daily.  It 
lives on one of those external backup hard disks, and there are two of 
them, so one can be stored offsite.

     Mary Ann

On 11/6/18 11:25 AM, ron at ronnatalie.com wrote:
> An early UNIX paper shows the system had four RK05's (4872 512-byte blocks
> on UNIX, for some reason only 4800 used on the DEC OSs ... remember we had
> to poke ROLLIN to copy the full UNIX partition standalone).
> /dev/rk0 - available for user packs.
> /dev/rk1 - root
> /dev/rk2 - /usr
> /dev/rk3 - /crp
> I think it was just additional storage of "crap".
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>> I was wondering, what was the /crp mount point in early UNIX used for?
>> And what does "crp" mean? Does it mean what I think it does?
>> It is only mentioned in V3 it seems:
>> ./v4man/manx/unspk.8:unspk lives in /crp/vs   (v4/manx means pre-v4)
>> ./v3man/man6/yacc.6:SYNOPSIS /crp/scj/yacc  [ <grammar ]
>> ./v3man/man4/rk.4:/dev/rk3      /crp file system
>> I suppose scj, doug or ken can help out.
>> aap

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