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ron at ronnatalie.com ron at ronnatalie.com
Wed Nov 7 22:18:18 AEST 2018

> > An early UNIX paper shows the system had four RK05's (4872 512-byte
> > blocks on UNIX, for some reason only 4800 used on the DEC OSs ...
> > remember we had to poke ROLLIN to copy the full UNIX partition
> > standalone).
> Bad blocks?  I think I have an article in AUUGN where I proposed that bad
> blocks be assigned (somehow) to a pseudo-file as inode #0 (or -1?); that
> the "dump" utility would not see it, and neither would the FS tools (but a
> image would, of course).

No, not to my knowledge.   The DEC drivers just left off the last 72
sectors.   There was no provision using them for block replacement.
The utilities just stopped at 4800.

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