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Wed Nov 7 05:25:29 AEST 2018

An early UNIX paper shows the system had four RK05's (4872 512-byte blocks
on UNIX, for some reason only 4800 used on the DEC OSs ... remember we had
to poke ROLLIN to copy the full UNIX partition standalone).
/dev/rk0 - available for user packs.
/dev/rk1 - root
/dev/rk2 - /usr
/dev/rk3 - /crp

I think it was just additional storage of "crap".

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> I was wondering, what was the /crp mount point in early UNIX used for?
> And what does "crp" mean? Does it mean what I think it does?
> It is only mentioned in V3 it seems:
> ./v4man/manx/unspk.8:unspk lives in /crp/vs   (v4/manx means pre-v4)
> ./v3man/man6/yacc.6:SYNOPSIS /crp/scj/yacc  [ <grammar ]
> ./v3man/man4/rk.4:/dev/rk3      /crp file system
> I suppose scj, doug or ken can help out.
> aap

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