[TUHS] Reconstructed and newly set UNIX Manual

Angelo Papenhoff aap at papnet.eu
Fri Nov 2 03:21:23 AEST 2018

And the V1 manual is done as well. Almost to the day 47 years
after it was first printed.

I'll just link everything again for simplicity:
http://squoze.net/UNIX/v1man/ http://squoze.net/UNIX/v1man.tgz
http://squoze.net/UNIX/v2man/ http://squoze.net/UNIX/v2man.tgz
http://squoze.net/UNIX/v3man/ http://squoze.net/UNIX/v3man.tgz
http://squoze.net/UNIX/v4man/ http://squoze.net/UNIX/v4man.tgz
http://squoze.net/UNIX/v5man/ http://squoze.net/UNIX/v5man.tgz
http://squoze.net/UNIX/v6man/ http://squoze.net/UNIX/v6man.tgz

I fixed some issues with the tty 37 -> html filter (it now turns
half-line feeds into full line feeds. together with some CSS this looks
acceptable). Some typos in V2 were also fixed.
The nroff output now prints the header once, otherwise no pagination.
I will leave pagination for when I can convert nroff output to pdf.
This means all nroff output has changed from the previous version.

This has been quite an exhausting task, but fortunately it has also
been quite educational. I now feel like some sort of UNIX scholar.

I would really appreciate it if people could proof read some of this.


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