[TUHS] Revisions of "C Reference Manual"

Lars Brinkhoff lars at nocrew.org
Thu Nov 1 22:31:53 AEST 2018


Which revisions of the "C Reference Manuals" are known to be out there?

I found this:

Which seems to match the one from V6:

"C is also available on the HIS 6070 computer at Murray Hill and and on
the IBM System/370 at Holmdel [3]."

But then there's this:

"C is also available on the HIS 6070 computer ar Hurray Hill, using a
compiler written bu A. Snyder and currently maintained by S. C. Johnson.
A compiler for the IBM System/360/370 series is under construction."

Due to the description of the IBM compiler, it seems to predate the V6

Both above revisions use the =+ etc operators.

Finally, this version edited by Snyder:


"In addition to the UNIX C compiler, there exist C compilers for the HIS
6000 and the IBM System/370 [2]."

This version documents both += and =+ operators.

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