[TUHS] History of top

Ronald Natalie ron at ronnatalie.com
Fri May 25 00:43:54 AEST 2018

I remember George’s Unibus monitoring hack.    It was noted at the time that he didn’t have any bus terminators.   The SBI had CPUs on both ends and the Unibus had the monitoring 11/23 at the far end.

We built one of the Dual vaxes at BRL (BRL-VGR).   It was pretty straight forward, just needed to obtain (well we had it fabbed) a new cardcage and redo a special set of SBI cables to be an mirror image.
It was amazing how cheap this was compared to the 782 abomination (not to even mention the VaxCluster and it’s horrendous HSC50 that I ended up administering later at RU).

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