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All, I've just received the following e-mail. I am not able to physically
get these documents, but if you are interested in them, feel free to contact
Mel yourself.

Cheers, Warren

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Date: Wed, 23 May 2018 13:30:09 +1000 (AEST)
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Subject: Old Unix manuals, TMs, etc


I started working at Bell Labs in 1971 and although
not in the computing science research department, I
was in another department down the hall.  As a result
I have many old Unix manuals, TM's and other papers
that I wish to dispose of.  I found you when I did a
search to see if there was anyone who might want them.
Appended below is a list of what I have.  If you are
interested in any of it or know who else might be, please
let me know.  If I can't find anyone to take them I guess
I'll just throw them out.

meljmel-unix at yahoo.com

These are the old Unix Manuals I have:

    Program Generic PG-1C300 Issue 2
    Published by the UNIX Support Group
    January, 1976

    Program Generic PG-1C300 Issue 3
    Published by the UNIX Support Group
    March, 1977

    UNIX User's Manual
    Release 3.0
    T.A. Dolotta
    S. B. Olsson
    A.G. Petrucceli
    June 1980
    Laboratory 364
    Bell Telephone Laboratories, Incorporated
    Murray Hill, NJ 07974

    The C Programmer's Handbook
    AT&T Bell Laboratories
    February 1984
    M. I. Bolsky
    P. G. Matthews
    System Training Center
    Copyright 1984
    Piscataway, New Jersey 08854

    Unix System V Quick Reference Guide
    Copyright 1985 AT&T Technologies, Inc

    Research Version
    Ninth Edition, Volume 1
    September, 1986
    AT&T Bell Laboratories
    Murray Hill, New Jersey

    The Vi User's Handbook
    by Morris I. Bolsky
    Systems Training Center
    Copyright 1984 AT&T Bell Laboratories Incorporated
    Copyright 1985 AT&T Technologies, Inc

    Unix Research System Programmer's Manual
    Tenth Edition, Volume I
    Computing Science Research Center
    Murray Hill, New Jersey
    1990, American Telephone and Telegraph Company
    Bell Laboratories Division
    ISBN 0-03-047532-5
    A. G. Hume
    M. D. McIlroy
    October, 1989

    Unix Research System Papers
    Tenth Edition, Volume II
    Computing Science Research Center
    AT&T Bell Laboratories
    Murray Hill, New Jersey
    1990, American Telephone and Telegraph Company
    Bell Laboratories Division
    ISBN 0-03-047529-5
    A. G. Hume
    M. D. McIlroy
    January, 1990


These are old Unix Technical Memorandum and Papers I have:

    The C Reference Manual
    January 15, 1974
    TM: 74-1273-1
    D. M. Ritchie

    Programming in LIL: A Tutorial
    June 17, 1974
    TM: 74-1352-6

    LIL Reference Manual
    June 19, 1974
    TM: 74-1352-8

    A Description of the UNIX File System
    September 16, 1975
    Author J. F. Maranzano

    The Portable C Library
    May 16, 1975
    TM: 75-1274-11
    Author: M. E. Lesk

    Lex - A Lexical Analyzer Generator
    July 21, 1975
    TM: 75-1274-15
    Author: M. E. Lesk

    Introduction to Scheduling and Switching under UNIX
    October 20, 1975
    TM: 75-8234-7
    Author: T. M. Raleigh

    Make - A program for Maintaining Computer Programs
    December 5, 1975
    TM: 75-1274-26
    Author: S. I. Feldman

    UNIX Programming
    Brian w. Kernighan
    Denis M. Ritchie
    ? 1975 ?
    Bell Laboratories, Murray Hill, New Jersey 07974
    "This paper is an introduction to programming on Unix.
    The emphasis is on how to write programs that interface
    to the operating system."

    The C Language Calling Sequence
    September 26, 1977
    TMs: 77-1273-15, 77-1274-13
    Authors: A.C. Johnson, D.M. Ritchie, M.E. Lesk

    Lint, a C Program Checker
    September 16, 1977
    TM: 77-1273-14
    Author: S. C. Johnson

    The M4 Macor Processor
    April 1, 1977
    TM: 77-1273-6
    Authors: Brian W. Kernighan, Dennis M. Ritchie

    C Reference Manual
    Dennis M. Ritchie
    May 1, 1977
    Murray Hill, New Jersey 07974

    C Language Portability
    September 22, 1977
    Author: B. A. Tague

    Variable Length Argument Lists in C
    June 12, 1978
    Author: Andrew Koenig

    An Introduction to the UNIX Shell
    July 21, 1978
    TM: 78-1274-4
    Author: S.R. Bourne

    SED - A Non-Interactive Text Editor
    August 15, 1978
    TM: 78-1270-1
    Author: Lee E. McMahon

    UNIX Shell Tutorial
    July 14, 1981
    TM: 81-59322-5
    Author: J. R. Mashey

    Awk - A pattern Scanning and Processing Language
    Programmer's Manual
    June 19, 1985
    Authors: Alfred V. Aho, Brian W. Kernighan, Peter J. Weinberger
    TMs: 11272-850619-06TM, 11276-850619-09TM, 11273-850619-03TM

    Yacc: Yet Another Compiler-Compiler
    July 31. 1978
    TM: 78-1273-4
    Author: Stephen C. Johnson

    RATFOR - A Preprocessor for a Rational Fortran
    October 22, 1976
    TM: 76-1273-10
    Author Brian W. Kernighan

Miscellaneous undated (but old) papers:

    On the Security of UNIX
    Dennis M. Ritchie

    A New Input-Output Package
    D. M. Ritchie

    The Unix I/O System
    Dennis M. Ritchie

    Programming in C - A tutorial
    Brian W. Kernighan
    ? Date ?


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