[TUHS] PWB - what is the history?

Lyndon Nerenberg lyndon at orthanc.ca
Wed May 16 05:48:51 AEST 2018

> I think you mean 'style' and 'diction'. I thought those came from research? I
> remember seeing papers about them in a manual; maybe 7th Ed or 4.2/4.3BSD?

IIRC they were written up in the BSTJ "Unix" number.

> Similarly with learn: I have a vague memory of seeing it with BSD, but I
> thought it came from 6th or 7th edition. A quick look shows a copy in 7th Ed.

I remmber learn being present on at least one early Xenix release I played 
with.  I've long forgotten the details of which release, though.

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