[TUHS] Who used *ROFF?

Noel Chiappa jnc at mercury.lcs.mit.edu
Tue May 15 01:58:10 AEST 2018

    > From: Clem cole

    > Thinking about this typesetter C may have been later with ditroff.

Not so sure about that; we had that C at MIT, but only regular troff (which
had been hacked to drive a Varian).

    > From: Arnold Skeeve

    > It seems to be shortly after the '78 release of V7.

No, typesetter C definitely pre-dated V7. The 'PWB1' system at MIT had the new

Looking at the documentation files for the extension (e.g. addition of
'long's), none of them have dates in them (alas), but my hard-copy printout of
one is dated "May 8 1978", and it was several years old at that point.

(Also, several sources give '79 for V7 - Salus says 'June 1979').


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