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On Thu, May 10, 2018 at 5:09 PM, Dave Horsfall <dave at horsfall.org> wrote:

> LINUX Is Not UniX.

A few thoughts ...
1.) Be careful - the US courts have said that *UNIX is not a code base or
any one implementation - it's a set of ideas​.*  That is the whole basis of
the BSDi case and why in the end AT&T lost.  It WAS their ideas, but it
just can not be a trade secret.  If AT&T had been able to claim it as a
trade secret, Linux, Minix, Coherent *et al *would have been in violation
too (which is why it was so silly to sue them).
2.) I believe that Linux is the current popular implementation of UNIX.
 Yes it hurts my fingers by some of the changes, but it looks, smells and
quacks like duck.   Linux uses the AT&T IP -- the published ideas.  All of
us on this list, just like Linus, are 'mentally contaminated' by Ken and
Dennis's core idea.   That's the basic fact and it not going away.
3.) Claiming LINUX Is Not UniX is like saying FORTRAN95 is not FORTRAN
because its not like F2, F4, F77 etc...   I'd like to point out that in
fact, modern FTN compilers can pretty much accept the old code - which
pretty darned amazing (and thankfully I'm not a compiler writer).    But
for guys like me in the HPC business, FORTRAN is still useful, as it pays
our salary.   The thing we have to remember is that the target matured, and
moved on.  It aint quite like it was and there is no going back.

I think that's the point and Ted and Larry have suggested so many times.
 Linux took the token from AT&T, BSD, Solaris, *etc*... and moved it.  Some
of us, myself included, find many of the changes gratuitous and a PITA, but
that is the price of progress. I remember that a lot of people at AT&T
thought the BSD changes were gratuitous too.   So Linux is the 3rd path of
the UNIX heritage.

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