[TUHS] Old Usenet newsreader source code?

Henry Bent henry.r.bent at gmail.com
Wed May 9 08:22:06 AEST 2018

My father was the sysadmin for Deja News at the time they were bought by
Google.  I was told that the "buyout" consisted of some Google folks
showing up with a rack of drives, dumping all of Deja News's data over a
weekend, and then flying back out to Mountain View.


On 8 May 2018 at 15:11, Arthur Krewat <krewat at kilonet.net> wrote:

> On 5/8/2018 3:00 PM, Lyndon Nerenberg wrote:
>> The problem is, many of us have stopped using it for whatever reason, and
>>> certainly don't store/forward much.
>>> Maybe it's time to take it back and get back to the original intention
>>> of USENET.
>> So where on Earth does one get an NNTP feed from these days?  Lord knows
>> I've tried.  An no, I'm not talking about a pay-for-access NNRP host that I
>> have to pull things from.
>> That was going to be my next question ;) - Google has the entire archive
> (minus binaries), and most commercial places have it going back only 3000
> days or so.
> Where's Deja News when you need 'em.
> ak
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