[TUHS] Unix friendly hardware free of proprietary software

iPwn iPwn ipwn at email.com
Thu Mar 8 14:42:12 AEST 2018


im looking for Unix/Unix-like/Linux friendly hardware(desks,laps,phones,etc) free of proprietary software or compatible with free software(OS,BIOS firmware,etc) something that is easy to replace stock or something that cames with free software preinstalled and that i can replace them if i want to.
i've seen some lists that contain vendors that are Unix/Linux friendly and also the hardware endorsed by FSF which seem to be Lenovo thinkpads,etc the thing is it seems most of hardware require external flashing to replace BIOS,etc and makes the task harder..

my question are,
what are the bests Unix/Unix-like/Linux friendly hardware manufacturers?
which hardware is the best to make a computer 100% free (free BIOS and OS) and that is optimized and behave better under Unix/Unix-like/Linux based OS's?

Thank you.
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