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As for the 'tosser' that is making claims, I am under the impression he
some how succeeded in getting a copyright for it.  How is unclear, but he
did.   And that's his claim for invention based on work he did which he
admits was in 1978 -- which is 7-10 years after the ArpaNet:  [
http://fortune.com/2016/03/07/who-really-invented-email/.]  To me, a
strange part is that he suing people that claim otherwise.  I really don't
see how he can win those, but I'm not a laywer and I guess copyright gives
him certain rights.   O note that, I have been using messaging system - aka
email, pretty nearly ever day since I first start using computers in the
late 1960s.  So I have a very hard time taking this guy seriously.

Not only is he a tosser, he's also a political crank. He took part in a
"free speech" rally this past summer, which was a thinly disguised venue
for white supremacists.

He's apparently mounting a bid for the US Senate, which is odd in and of
itself, but he's acquired an aged school bus that he's painted and is using
as a prop for his candidacy. It just so happens that I was driving down the
same road as that bus earlier today and was stopped at a traffic light next
to it for a minute or so. "Oh, that's that crazy email guy...." It made me
more than usually annoyed.

        - Dan C.
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